Cole Williams modelling for  Afrimodiste .

Cole Williams modelling for Afrimodiste.


Cole Williams

The Punk Empress Of African Rock

Cole Williams is a force of nature. Equal parts musician, fashionista, radio DJ, community builder, and philanthropist, Williams is constantly reimagining herself and redefining what it means to be an empowered Jamaican American woman by building a brand that is confident and ever-changing. From her musical beginnings in Brooklyn, to a myriad of creative pursuits in her home base of New Orleans, Williams is as diverse an artist as any in the entertainment industry, with passions that are only exceeded by her unparalleled ambition.

Music has always come first for Williams. The self-proclaimed punk-empress of African Rock got her start in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. She attended Brooklyn Technical High School (known for its Nobel Laureate alumni, as well as Mos Def and Talib Kweli) and majored in psychology before studying classical voice at New Jersey City University. This rich background coupled with Cole’s foundation in classical piano (trained from ages 4-17), a church upbringing, and childhood love affair with her parents’ record collection provided her with the foundation to eventually broaden her artistic horizon, but it would take a big move and a leap of faith to put her creative potential in motion. 

“The Punk Empress Of African Rock Testimony”

Cole Williams, The Punk Empress Of African Rock releases her 5th album on 10 12 18. This retrospective album is a collection of songs that highlight her 10 years of live performances and releases.

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